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What is the youngest age that DiCaro Talent Management (DTM) will represent?


Although we represent talent as young as a newborns, we are focusing more on talent who are aged 4 and older. Please keep in mind, we prefer to represent only a few kids in each category in order to be able to give more attention to each individual.



What are DTM's fees for joining the roster?

Great News! Zero!! Being a great fit both professionally and personally is compensation enough to join. We only charge a  commission once the job has been booked and completed. The only other cost to the talent would be any service provided by 3rd party companies. Some fees you will/may incur would be for head shot photos, ACTRA fees, Membership Fees with other companies, etc. (Casting Workbook is the only paid membership we will ask you to subscribe to. This is necessary for us to be able to submit you for work. Please check out their website for pricing info. We also use Breakdown Express (Actor's Access) and Casting Networks.

Besides Casting Workbook, what else will I have to pay for or apply for? I don’t want any surprises and added costs.

Same rules apply going forward once you have joined the roster. You will never have any fees from DTM other than the commission we charge you based on the projects you complete. You will get a statement with all payments detailing any and all deductions. We will, however, deduct any fees we have paid on your behalf such as permits. We will require professional /or excellent head shots that meet industry standards. It is totally up to the Talent as to who you would like to use for head shots. Again, we will never force you to use any added service, this is all at your discretion, as long as your head shots are adequate with industry standards. We will, however, recommend some fabulous photographers that you can check out.

DTM will never force you to take specific courses or workshops. However, it is in the actor's best interest to better yourself by constantly training and keeping your skills up to date. Don't forget, the best Hollywood actors keep up with training at every stage of their career. Always better yourself when you have the opportunity. 



What types of talent do you represent?


We welcome talent of all ethnicities and all ages.  The core of our business is to represent actors for film and TV, commercials and print work. We do not represent background talent. 


Is DTM on the ACTRA list of agents?

​DiCaro Talent Management is a proud member of EIC (Entertainment Industry Coalition), where Actra helps govern the code of ethics in the industry.

How do you pronounce DiCaro? And how do you pronounce Ilona? (only because everyone asks)

Dee-Car-Oh  &  Eee-Low-Nah

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